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Five Weapons In PUBG You Should Avoid

Five weapons in PUBG you should avoid: Hi guys right now in gaming PUBG is the most trending game in the world with 100 million + download but, today I here to tell you Five Weapons in PUBG you should avoid.
If you have a good weapon then you may increase the chances of getting chicken dinner. So if you want to get chicken dinner then read this article to know about these Five Weapons in PUBG You Should Avoid.

Five weapons in PUBG you should avoid
Five weapons in PUBG you should avoid

The weapon in PUBG is playing a major role as if you want to survive in PUBG for long or you want to win then you have to know about best weapons in PUBG So avoid this five weapon in PUBG

Avoid Five Weapons in PUBG

1. P18C pistol

As P18C pistol are fire 9mm bullets you can attach red dot sight in it with a suppressor and Extended/quickdraw/quickdraw extended mag in it but it doesn't deal a lot of damage to kill armored enemies like 3 headshots to kill the enemy or minimum of 6 to 7 shots to kill enemy at level 3 armored.

2. Sawed - off

This gun comes in the shotgun categories and fires 12 Gauge shells and is great for close range but its damages are weak and its range is low as its take 4 to 5 shots to kill your enemy.

3. S12K

S12k is the only semi-automatic shotgun in this game as you can attach scope up to 6x and also attach quickdraw and extended mag in it but it gives very low damage so it will help at the beginning of the game when your enemy land with you in game at some area but in long-distance range is very low you cannot able to kill your enemy.

4. S686

S686 is a common shotgun fires 12 gauge but its damage is low in long distance and take a long time for reloading as your enemy can kill you while you reload your gun it takes 4 to 5 shots to kill your enemy.

5. P92

P92 is a pistol gun fires 9mm bullets but its damage is low as it takes 4 to 5 fire shots to kill your enemy and you can attach only red dot sight in it.

Final Words 

If you love to play PUBG and want chicken dinner then these Five weapons in PUBG You Should Avoid only take these guns when you don't have any other gun at your location if you have any question then feel free to comment below.


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