5 best password manager for Android

5 best password manager for Android

5 best password manager for Android: Hi guys if you have difficulties of remembering the password of your different accounts like social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others accounts of various sites where you have account on internet then this article is for you here I give you a 5 best password manager for Android.  

5 best password manager for Android
5 best password manager for Android

So, with  these apps will help you in easily find out your password for a different account on various sites you just once need to save your password in this apps for all the sites which you have created an account on the internet and then they will manage  all the password for you

Now I think you have a question in your mind that is it safe to use a password manager? can they leak your information to the third party?

The answer is yes it is safe to use password manager that you downloaded from play store not from other third-party markets because it save your password in your own phone with encrypted database and you only have to remember the master pin and if you download from other third-party markets they may be leak your information so only download this app from play store only.

5 Best Password Manager For Android

  • Dashlane Free Password Manager

Dashlane password manager is a free tool that available to android, ios, windows, and mac. It protects your password with AES-256 encryption. Here you can save all your password in this app and you only have to remember the master pin for this app and in this app, you can also store your credit card and bank account details they will protect your data with AES – 256 encryption.

This app is free and doesn’t have any ads in this app you can use this without any problem.

  • Keepass 2  Android password safe

Keepass 2 is also a good password manager and this app also don’t have any ads this app don’t have many features but they have basic feature and if you want more feature you can purchase it they have in-app purchase feature with the basic feature you can store email, notes and also credit card information and you also this app data in your cloud storage like Dropbox, google drive, and SkyDrive,  etc. this app is simple to use you can also use this app.

  • LastPass Password Manager

When talking about password manager the LastPass password manager is a very popular app where you can store your passwords and manage your identity you can store your personal information that helps you to fill form it auto-fill your form if you save your information in it.

You can purchase it premium feature also which cost less as compared to other password managers. In the free version, you can sync your password in other devices also.
It saves your password with two-factor authentication it available in all platform android, ios, window, mac.
This app also doesn’t have any ads you use this app also.

  • 1Password Manager

1 password manager is also a good  password manager which save your credit card, notes and much more but they give only 30 day trial after 30 days you have to purchase his subscription most of the people prefer 1 password manager as they have full support for team where you can share your password with your family or company and it unlocks with fingerprint.
most prefer app you can also use this app if you want to purchase is subscription after 30 days trial.

  • Password Manager safe In cloud

Password manager safe in the cloud is another password manager that also use 256 – AES encryption it will allow you to sync password to google drive, Dropbox, etc. you can save all your password and sync to cloud storage this app give a 14 days trial after this you can purchase it. It has in-app purchase this app is user-friendly and easy to use.
You can try this app for 2 weeks for free and after that, if you like this app you can purchase it.

Final words

If you like the list of "5 best password manager for android" then comment below and if you know more best password manager feel free to comment below


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