PUBG season 3

PUBG season 3


PUBG season 3
PUBG season 3

The most viral game on mobile right now PUBG  release there season 3. playerunknown's battleground is already made his mark and it is a top trending game right now with more than 100 million downloads in android and IOS. PUBG just release there 3 seasons with lots of new features.

PUBG (playerunknown's battleground) Season 3: New Features and Maps


Pubg will release there new "Sanhok" map with season 3 as they release new map in every season. So, wait for 2 to 3 week for an update of Sanhok map.


There is no update for any weapons introduce in this season 3 of Playerunknown's battlegrounds but our team thinks that DMR rifle use 7.62 mm ammo can introduce to after some time because of it already in a pubg test version.

Royal pass

The royal pass which players purchase in season 2 will not be valid in season 3 of pubg.
Now players have to purchase another royal pass for season 3


If Sanhok map introduces in season 3 then definitively a new pick up truck added in season 3.

PUBG season 3
PUBG season 3

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